DigiSign Suggestion - Different colors for each signer


  • Prod Squad
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    Hello everyone!


    Eric, Product Manager for DigiSign, here! Thanks for taking the time to add your support to this suggestion. Great news! This feature is on the way. We've added to our upcoming DigiSign update. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to launch.


    Eric M., Product Manager

  • Valerie1camacho
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    And sometimes I have 2 signers with the same initials. The only way to check to make sure I have the correct one in the correct place, it to click on it. TIME WAiSTER!

  • Admin
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    Color coding the signers would save a lot of time and confusion when having to send the same document to multiple signers.  Also having the ability to strike out  text with in Digisign.  For example when something needs to be crossed out and intialed.  It would be helpful to be able to do that when setting up the document for signature, without having to go into zipforms or something else to make the change.

    These are features we loved with Docusign that we miss with Digisign.

  • Andreatownsend
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    Any updates to this request?????

  • Prod Squad
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    Hey All, 

    Thank you all your feedback. As we continue to work on DigiSign we will take this feedback into consideration and reach out to you when we need more details or feedback on improvements we are exploring.

    Thanks again - John, UX Designer

  • Krista Cutler
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    Is there a way to do this yet?

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