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    Hello, I was just about to post a comment, but looks like this was requested 5 years ago. 

    Please allow us to do the following things FROM THE CHECKLIST ITSELF

    1. Select Multiple Items
    2. Delete 
    3. Reorder
    4. Select multiple items FROM CHECKLIST and send direct to DigiSign. The purpose of the checklist is to show us what is missing, incomplete, completed. If I have to keep bouncing back to the document tabs I either forget what I was just looking at, or forget the comment I left which may tell me who needs to still sign. If I can select multiple items at a time from the checklist and then DigiSign directly from the checklist then it makes the quick audit feature actually useful for me.
    5. DigiSign Documents from Checklist (pt. 2) -- If we can select incomplete items from the checklist, and send multiple in one single package, then we don't spam our clients with a bunch of items to sign and it makes our audit feature useful. Then, these documents should AUTOMATICALLY REPLACE the unsigned document. It's completely pointless for me to have multiple documents unsigned and signed, etc. It's just cluttering up my checklist and documents. 


    These are critical functionality improvements. I'm honestly finding the software pointless because it creates like 7 extra steps. Makes no sense to me. Maybe SkySlope should host a panel or conference with actual Realtors that could provide suggestions for how this program should work. That would be fun! 

  • Prod Squad
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    Hi Main Street Realtors!
    Bailey from the Product Team here at SkySlope. Thank you for reaching out and providing us with this feedback!

    We do currently have the ability to edit the checklist in a way that suits your brokerages' needs, please check out this helpful guide from our support team!

    I've documented your request for Checklist and DigiSign functionality - however, are there any additional updates you would like to see to the Checklist?

    Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Main Street Realtors
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    1. This is absolutely NOT a useful way to manage checklists. It completely prevents us from having to do things on the fly. A Drag and Drop feature would make more sense, and it would be great if we could do this without having to navigate out of the transaction we're working on and in to the admin panel. And, if you're not an admin, you will need to go out of your way to ask an admin to do this. Please make it more user friendly. THIS IS NOT.


    2. The reorder feature itself is absolutely silly. We have TONS of documents, and you want us to go in and individually re-number the checklist? Then go through the list and then change all the numbers? Seriously? Please at least have it auto re-number the rest of the items. Again, make this product useful for AGENTS. Drag and drop with auto re-number, allow us to do it within the transaction. All of this sub folder, admin page, step-after-step-after-step stuff actually makes this all very burdensome. 

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