How to Create a Listing with Skye

Here at SkySlope, our mission is to make it as easy as possible to be a real estate professional. With the release of our new listing assistant, Skye, we have streamlined and simplified the process of creating a Listing file in SkySlope. The following guide explains how to create a Listing file with Skye.






1. To start your Listing file, click on Create Listing from the home page. After you're greeted by Skye, click on Enter the Listing.
Note: If you're an admin, click on Manage Listings first; then click the green Create Listing button.


Note: If you don't see Skye after clicking on Create Listing, please refer to this article to explain the process of creating a listing.

2. First, you'll be prompted to enter the property address. When typing in the property address field, the search for the address will be powered by Google Maps. After typing the address, click on the best match from the search results to create your file with that address.

Once you've found the correct address, click on Let's Go to move to the next step.




If you aren't finding the correct address from the Google search, or if your file doesn't have an address (such as a new built, or a plot of land), click on the Switch to Manual Entry option to type the address yourself.




If you're entering a lot/land file that doesn't have an address, click on Switch to Manual Entry. You can enter "0" for the street number, and "Lot" for the street name; then enter the City, State, and Zip code.


3. Next, you'll have to select the correct Checklist type. The Checklist type is based on the file type and will dictate the list of documents you're required to upload based on that file type. Select the Checklist type that best matches your file, and click on Next Question to move forward.

Some common Checklist types: Residential Lease, Commercial Lease, Lot/Land, Traditional Sale, New Build, etc.



4. Enter in the list price as a dollar amount. Click on Next Question



5. After the list price, enter the Listing Commission and Sales Commission. The system will default to allowing you to enter commission as a percentage. You can click on Switch to Flat Rate to enter a dollar amount instead of a percentage. Click on Next Question



6. Next, enter in the Listing Date and the Expiration Date.  You can use the calendar picker, or follow the MM/DD/YYYY format and enter the date manually. Again, click on Next Question to move forward.



7. In the next step, enter the year built for the property, and click on Next Question to move forward.




If you're entering a lot/land file, you can enter "0000" to meet the requirements and move forward. Again, click on Next Question to move forward.


8. Using the drop-down menu, select the source for this file. If one of the options doesn't meet your needs, scroll to the bottom and select Other, then enter your source manually.



9. Next, enter the name(s) for your seller(s). By default, there will be fields to enter one seller. If you need to add a second, click on Add an Additional Seller at the bottom. Then enter the name for the second seller.



If your seller is a company/other entity, rather than an individual, you can click on Switch to Company Seller to enter that information.


10. If this fun feature is enabled for your brokerage, you will now have the option to order an NHD for your file. You will see the different options on the screen; you can select one, and then click on Order an NHD, or click on No Thanks, Skye



11. Finally, Skye will show you a brief summary of the information you've entered. If all of the information is correct, click on Create My Listing



You've done it! Now, your Listing file has been created! You will be taken to your Checklist where you can upload your documents for review.

To learn how to upload your documents to the Checklist, check out this tutorial!


If you have any questions about creating a Listing with Skye, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support  team. We are here 24/7! 


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