DigiSign Tips: Using Read-Only and Writable Text Fields

When using DigiSign in SkySlope, there are lots of tips and tricks that make DigiSign-ing documents even easier (if that's possible). In this article, we focus on Read-Only and Writable blocks that allow you to add text onto documents in DigiSign. Keep reading to learn how to up your DigiSign game!


First, let me answer a couple questions you may have...

What is a DigiSign "block"?

When we use the term "block" in DigiSign, we are referring to any of the fields that can be applied to the document from the toolbar across the top of the page. In DigiSign, all of the available blocks are Signature, Initials, Date Signed, Date & Time Signed, Writable, Read Only, Full Name, and Checkbox.

Why are Writable and Read-Only blocks helpful?

Writable and Read-Only blocks are helpful in several ways! They allow you to add text onto your documents, and allow your signers to fill in text during the signing process.


Let's keep diving in to learn about all about Writable and Read-Only blocks!


Writable Blocks

The essential purpose of Writable blocks is to allow the signers to enter text onto documents sent to them via DigiSign during the signing process. For example, if you as the sender have a document that your signer need to add text to (whether it's their contact information or Social Security number, etc.), you can use a Writable block to allow the client to add that information. 

As an added compliance feature, any time a Writable block is changed or text is entered into an empty Writable block during the signing process, all other signers on the document are required to add an additional initial onto the document, recording that they are aware of the change.

The video below demonstrates how to use Writable blocks, and how they function during the signing process.



Read-Only Blocks

Read-Only blocks, unlike Writable blocks, are intended to allow the sender add text onto the document while it's still in DigiSign, before being sent to the signers. Also unlike Writable blocks, Read-Only blocks cannot be edited by any signers during the signing process. This gives the sender an opportunity to fill out documents, make adjustments, or add anything that my be missing on the document. 

The video below demonstrates how to use Read-Only blocks, and how they function during the signing process.


Tips for Writable and Read-Only blocks:

Adding blocks - To add the Writable/Read-Only block, simply click on that option from the toolbar at the top of the page, then click on the document where you want it to be placed.



Dragging/moving blocks - If you need to move the block after placing it, simply place your cursor over the block so that you get the 4-directional arrow for your cursor. Once you are in that position, you can drag the block into the correct position.



Changing block size - If you type more text than a few words into the Writable/Read-Only block, you may need to change the size of the block so that all of the text is displayed properly. To change the size of the block, click & hold on the small triangle in the lower right corner of the block, then drag outwards, and release your mouse.



Changing the assignee on the block - To change the assignee on the block, use the drop-down menu to select the correct name. The assignee dictates who can interact with a Writable block. See the Important Notes section below with additional information about assigning blocks.



Using Read-Only blocks to strike-out text - If you have some text on your PDF document that you want to strike-out and replace, you can do so using two Read-Only blocks. Simply place one over the text and fill it with XXXXXXXX. Then use the second one to add the correct text.



For a full demonstration of all of these tips, check out the videos above! 


Important Notes about Assigning Writable/Read-Only Blocks:

Who can see the text in a Read-Only block?  Regardless of who is assigned to a Read-Only block, all signers will be able to see the text added in that black.

Who can see the text in a Writable block?  Regardless of who is assigned to a Writable block, all signers will be able to see the text added in that block. 

Who can edit the text in a Writable block?  Although all signers on the document can see the Writable text, only the assignee for that block will be able to add/edit text. 


Writable and Read-Only FAQ

How should I line up the blocks on the document? When placing Writable and Read-Only blocks on the document, you will want to line up the blocks so that the text looks best. The way the text appears during the preparation process is how it will appear during the signing process, and how it will appear on the final signed document.

Will the text be added onto the final signed copy of the document? Yes, any Writable and Read-Only block text that is added onto the document during the preparation or signing process will be included on the final signed document.

Can I change the font/font size? At this time, there is no way to change the font or font size of the text inside of a Writable or Read Only block.

I just placed the block - why does it just say the signer's name in the block? When you initially place a Writable or Read Only block on the document, the assignee's name will be listed lightly in the box. That is not text that will actually appear on the document; that just allows the sender to see who the block is assigned to before typing into the block. When you begin typing in the block, you will see the name disappear.

I just placed my blocks and clicked Send in DigiSign, but I'm getting an error message that says "All Read Only fields must contain a value, or be removed from the document." What does that mean? If you are receiving that error message, that means you placed a Read Only block on the document, but then didn't add any text into the block. You can't send a document from DigiSign if there is a blank Read Only block, so simply look over your documents and ensure that they all contain text, and aren't simply showing the assignee's name.


Have any other questions about Writable and Read Only blocks? Post them below, or reach out to our 24/7 Support team at support.skyslope.com.

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