SkySlope Release - 7/25

Hey SkySlopers,

We wanted to let you know some of the cool things we’ll be launching to improve your experience in our upcoming release.  Here are a few of the highlights that are coming your way on 7/25:

Exciting Enhancements & Defects We Crushed

    • We enhanced the experience when creating a listing in Skye for a Company Seller. This includes navigation enhancements and automatically importing the company name into SkySlope.
    • Enhanced MLS property search on Skye to accommodate Canadian postal codes and return them via search successfully.
    • When renaming a document, the log will now correctly reflect the name instead of reading “renamed by SkySlope Tech Support”
    • Creating listings through Skye will now trigger the “Notify me when a new listing is created” notification!
    • We fixed a bug that at times, would cause the order of checklists to change. With this enhancement, your checklist items will stay in order!
    • Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports ordered through Skye will now include Order Confirmation emails! This email notification will inform users that we have received the NHD order and are processing it. To learn more about Skye and NHD-ordering (if enabled for your brokerage), watch this tutorial!

Want to be involved and influence how we shape the product? Send us a note at

We would love to keep hearing about what you think! Let us know at

Happy SkySloping!

The SkySlope Team

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