SkySlope Release - 7/17


We're rolling out a new feature for TCs, Office Administrators and Auditors on Tuesday, July 17th! 

Please meet Skye, SkySlope’s new AI-powered listing assistant. Skye is currently available to agents. Starting July 17th, you will be able to create a listing in Skye as well and as she learns more, she will be able to assist in other parts of the transaction later down the line. We're rolling this out to you to help save you time and improve your experience

Watch a quick tutorial on how to use Skye (and for those of you whose brokerage have NHD ordering available through Skye): 


If your brokerage has NHD ordering enabled through Skye, and your listing is in California, you will now be able order a Natural Hazard Disclosure Report when you create a listing in Skye!
Here’s how it works: When you create a listing in Skye, you can order an NHD report for that listing by simply selecting one of the providers below and clicking “Order An NHD.” You can also skip this step by selecting “No thanks, Skye.” We'll take care of the rest! 








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