SkySlope Release - 6/7

Hey SkySlopers,


We’ve been busy here at SkySlope, and we wanted to let you know some of the cool things we’ll be launching to improve your experience in our upcoming release.  Here are a few of the highlights that are coming your way:


Exciting Enhancements & Defects We Crushed

  • You will now be able to enter the property’s Year Built and Source of the deal in Skye!  Please see this link for a video demonstration.
  • If you ever did a property search on a transaction and did not see the county, you will now, and it will save you time!
  • Moving around is good, but not when adding checklist items and uploading documents!  Now your added checklist items will stay in the same order that you added them.


We would love to keep hearing about what you think! Let us know at

Happy SkySloping!

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