How to Sync Tasks to iCal, Outlook & Google Calendar

One of the greatest features available with SkySlope's custom Tasks & Reminders tool is the ability to sync your SkySlope tasks with the online calendar you already use! Tasks can be synced with several different online calendars, such as iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar. Keep reading to learn how to sync your tasks!




1. To start, on the home page, click on the icon labelled Tasks & Reminders. This will take you to the Task section of SkySlope.  

On this page, you should see a list of Tasks that you've created for yourself or tasks that have been assigned to you by an admin or broker. If you don't see any Tasks, check out this article to learn about creating Tasks.



2. Once you're on the Tasks page, and you have Tasks/Reminders created, navigate to the lower left corner of the Tasks page. You will see this link: "Sync with iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar".

Click on 1) iCal, 2) Outlook, or 3) Google Calendar to select the type of calendar to which you would like to sync your SkySlope Tasks. 

For this example, I will select Google Calendar.



If you select iCal or Outlook, you will be prompted to first open the application used to access that app. From there, you may need to log in. 


3. After selecting Google Calendar, you will be prompted to log into the account associated with that calendar. Log into your account.


4. After logging into your account, you should see a pop-up asking you to confirm that you want to add the Task Calendar to your own calendar. 

Click ADD to proceed, or CANCEL to abort.



5. Now the Calendar will sync! After the Tasks sync, you will be able to open your personal calendar and see your SkySlope Tasks listed as individual events in your personal calendar. That's all it takes!




If you're having trouble syncing your Tasks, or you synced successfully and you aren't seeing your Tasks, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team! We are available 24/7 at

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