SkySlope Release - 4/12

Hey SkySlopers,

We've got a series of fixes for you this week we are really excited about. We hope these help your brokerage continue to focus on your customers and let SkySlope take care of the rest!

We Made Cool Changes & Crushed Defects, So You Should Know About it

  • When creating a listing in Skye that already exists in SkySlope, it now provides you a reminder and allows you to go directly to that listing.
  • Creating a listing in SkySlope as an Admin resulted in a spinner-of-doom when creating a property with a direction (N,W,S,etc)
  • Creating listings in Skye caused an issue with reordering of checklists
  • Hitting enter key on the listing price screen in Skye no longer results in a white screen
  • Fixed some styling issues in Internet Explorer for Skye
  • When selecting a property from Google in Skye, it now requires you to properly add a street number when Google doesn't provide one.


We would love to keep hearing about what you think! Let us know at

Happy SkySloping!


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