SkySlope Release - 3/1/2018


Fantastic news - we are nearing the full release of Skye! This means over the next couple of weeks, you will get to meet the new right-hand to agents across the nation. Rollout continues from Mar 5th - 9th! 

Over time, Skye will be able to make life much easier - allowing you to spend less time on routine tasks and more time helping clients find the home of their dreams.

In this release we:

Made Rockstar Enhancements

  • You are now able search in Skye for Canadian addresses or enter the address manually
  • For properties without an address, lots/land, you can now enter in letters in the street number field such as “TBD”
  • Skye also allows you to order the NHD report when creating your listing - this is for agents in California only, and we know they are going to going CRAZY for it. We will be adding new providers and reports for you in the future!

Crushed Defects

  • Creating a listing with Skye now properly sends the New Listing notification to auditors
  • Hitting the enter key when entering an address with Skye allows you to continue without an error
  • Creating a listing through Skye now properly hides checklists that were disabled by Admins


We love your feedback! Reach out to and let us know what you think. :)


Happy SkySloping! 


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