Skye Release - Commercial Lease Available


We continue to take in your feedback regarding Skye - the new, easier, and faster way to input a listing into SkySlope.

Who is Skye?

Skye is your assistant. She is here to help you get through your listing more smoothly by streamlining the listing creation process. Click here if you are just meeting Skye.

When can we meet Skye?

The plan is to roll out Skye so that we can obtain your feedback! Your account should be enabled for Skye by the end of the first week of February. 

What will Skye be able to do next?

  • Typing in the zip code now automatically enters city, state, and county.
  • Selecting commercial lease selection asks additional questions related to the commercial listing type.
  • Ability to show/hide and require/make option seller email address and phone number on a brokerage basis.




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