iPad App: How to Access Active, Canceled, and Archived Files

On the SkySlope app, your files will be broken into different sections, just like on the SkySlope website. SkySlope files are broken into 3 sections on the app: Active, Canceled, and Archived. This guide goes over how to acccess different files, depending on the file type.

On the SkySlope App, one of the main sections is called Transactions. This is were all of the property files are housed.

Under Transactions, files are broken down into 3 different sections:

The Active section is where you will find all current files. This includes:
-Active/Expired/Incomplete Listings

-Pending/Expired/Incomplete Transactions

-Closed files (that haven't been moved to the Archives)

Listings: In the Active section, Listings are at the top of the list of files. They are sorted by the date they were entered into SkySlope, with the most recent files being on top. The status of the file can be identified by the color and label of the tag.

Transactions: If you scroll past the Listings at the top, you will find the Transactions at the bottom. Like Listings, they are sorted by date entered into SkySlope, with the most recent towards the top. The status of the file can also be identified by the tag.

This is where you will find all of your canceled files. There are two types of canceled files:
-Canceled/Pending (cancellation pending admin approval)
-Canceled/Approved (admin has already approved cancellation)

The Archived section is where all of the Closed + Archived files are held. Files that are Closed but not Archived will remain under Active, towards the bottom. The Archive section is only files that are fully archived.

And that's it for files in SkySlope! If you want to learn about the other big section of the SkySlope App, Working Docs, click here!

If you have any other questions about the SkySlope App, don't hesitate to contact our 24/7 Support Team! We are are available by phone at 800.507.4117, send an email over to support@skyslope.com or start live chat with us at support.skyslope.com! Happy SkySloping!


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