Getting Started: SkySlope iPhone App for Agents


If you're an on-the-go agent who needs to get things done right, and get them done quickly, the SkySlope App for iPhone is a great tool that allows you to do your work anywhere that you have access to the internet. Practically everything you can do on your desktop computer, you can do on the SkySlope App. You can create Listing and Transaction files, upload documents, and email clients. This is a "SkySlope App 101" Guide that goes over everything you need to know to get started.

Create a Listing: You'll need to create a Listing within SkySlope when you're representing the seller or landlord of a property that is for sale or for lease. When you're creating your Listing, you will input some basic information (such as the listing & listing expiration dates, sale price, seller's name(s) and contact information). After you've submitted this information, you'll be taken to the Checklist for that file. The Checklist is a list of all of the require documents, based on your file type.

How to Create a Listing on the iPhone App

Create a Transaction: You’ll need to create a Transaction within SkySlope when you’re representing the buyer or tenant of a property. When creating your Transaction, you will input some basic information (such as the acceptance date, agreed price, your buyer’s name and contact information, and commission information). Once you’ve submitted this information, you’ll be taken to the Checklist for that file. Each file has its own Checklist, which is a list of documents that your office has deemed pertinent to the type of file you’re creating.

How to Create a Transaction on the iPhone App

Convert a Listing: Once you’ve created a Listing in SkySlope and your sellers have accepted an offer on the property, it’s time to convert your Listing into a Transaction. You have to convert your Listing into a Transaction for your office to be able to close your SkySlope file at Close of Escrow. Take a look to see how to properly convert your file.

How to Convert a Listing on the iPhone App

Withdraw a Listing: If you’ve created a Listing within SkySlope that didn’t sell and your sellers didn’t renew the Listing Agreement, most likely you will need to withdraw your Listing. When you withdraw your Listing, it will be moved to a “cancelled pending approval” status, which means you’re waiting for an admin to approve the cancellation and move it into the Cancelled Contracts section of SkySlope. This guide will show you how to withdraw your Listing.

How to Withdraw a Listing on the iPhone App

Cancel a Transaction: Sometimes, deals fall through. Buyers back out. When this happens, you’re going to want to cancel your Transaction. The guide below will show you how to cancel your SkySlope transaction.

How to Cancel a Transaction on the iPhone App

Upload Documents: In each file you create in SkySlope, there will be a list of required documents to be uploaded and submitted to for review. Uploading documents on the app is quite different from uploading documents on a computer, but we've made sure to keep the process user friendly.

How to Upload/Import Documents on the iPhone App

Attach Documents: Once you've imported your documents into SkySlope, getting them uploaded onto the Checklist to be submitted for review is a piece of cake. Here are two different ways to attach documents to the Checklist:

Attach Documents from the Documents Section
Attach Documents from the Checklist Section

Unattach Documents: We all make mistakes. Sometimes a document accidentally gets attached to the wrong Checklist item. Good news - removing them is just as ease as adding them!

How to Unattach Documents on the iPhone App

Split and Assign: Sometimes you’ll end up with large packets of documents that are all in a single PDF that need to be split into smaller PDFs and placed on the Checklist. For example, you sent your Listing Agreement, Seller’s Disclosures, and Lead Based Paint Disclosure all in the same DigiSign envelope to be signed. When it’s signed, they’ll all come back as one PDF, but those three documents all have different spots on the checklist. You can use our Split & Assign feature to split them up and assign them directly on the Checklist.

How to Split & Assign Docs on the iPhone App

Flatten a PDF: If you've got a troublesome document that needs to be flattened, you can do so on your iPhone. Then you're left with an unsecured document that's easy to work with!

How to Flatten a PDF on iPhone

Email, Text, and Call: At SkySlope, we try to put all of the tools you will need in one place. That is why you can call, text, and email your SkySlope contacts right from within the app!

How to Email, Call, and Text on the iPhone app

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