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Here at SkySlope, we work closely with brokerages to make things as easy as possible. To limit long nights and extra work, we work hard to get all of the tools you need in one place: SkySlope. That's why we've created Office Docs! Office Docs is a section within Working Docs where your brokerage can store copies of blank forms and contracts for you to access at your convenience. You can then download these contracts, fill them out with clients' data, and upload them into DigiSign to send them out for signature. Pretty cool, right?

Here's the catch: Fillable PDFs (the blank forms your company uploads for you to use) can be a little tricky to use properly. If the form isn't filled out and saved a certain way, the text won't actually save on the document, and then you'll end up with double work, doing it all over again. Which is exactly what we don't want, and that's exactly why we created this guide!


This guide goes over:
-Accessing Office Docs
-Saving Office Docs to your Computer
-Filling out Fillable Forms


Accessing Office Docs

1. From the SkySlope home page, click on Working Docs. Once in Working Docs, click on the Office Docs tab. Once on the Office Docs tab, locate the folder that has the document you need.



2. Now that the office folder is open, locate the document that needs to be filled out. Click on the document name to open the document. Next, we will save the document. 


Saving Office Docs to your Computer

3. Depending on the internet browser you are using and its settings, the document may open and be saved in different ways.

Important: Once the document is open, do not start filling it out! You're going to need to save it before, before filling it out; otherwise, the text won't save onto the document and you will have to redo your work.

You need to open the document, and save it to your computer.


How to Open & Save in Chrome: 1. Click on document name to open  2. Once open, click on Download Arrow in upper right corner  3. Save the document to your computer

How to Open & Save in Firefox: 1. Click on document name to open  2. Once open, click on Download Arrow in upper right corner  3. Select 'Save File'  4. Click OK

How to Open & Save in Edge: 1. Click on document name to open  2. Once open, right click on the doc  3. Select Save As  4. Choose where to save the doc  5. Rename doc  6. Click Save

4. Now we need to open the document you saved on your computer so that ti can be filled out. If you are using Edge, you would have selected the location where the document was saved; navigate to that location and open the document. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, your document would have been saved to your default download location, which is usually your Downloads folder. 


How to open a document from your downloads folder:

On a PC: Open your File Explorer > Downloads > Double-click on document name



On a Mac: Open Finder > Downloads > Double-click on document name



Now that you've opened the fillable PDF that's saved into your computer, you can fill it out!  


That's all it takes! If you have any other questions about filling out Office Docs, don't hesitate to contact our 24/7 Support Team! We are are available by phone at 800.507.4117, send an email over to or start live chat with us at! Happy SkySloping!


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