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Using DigiSign, getting signatures from your clients is a breeze. You can simply upload your documents, add your clients' names and email addresses, tell them where to sign, and click Send! All they need to sign is a valid email address, and access to the internet! Scroll down to learn how!







1. From the SkySlope home page, click on the DigiSign icon. This will take you to the DigiSign home page. Click on the New Envelope button in the upper right corner. 



2. After clicking on New Envelope, you will be prompted to select a property address to tie your document to. If the document you're sending for signatures is for one of the addresses you see listed, Select that address to move to the next step. If your document doesn't pertain to one of your files, or if you haven't created it yet, you can click on No Property in the upper right corner to go to the next step.



3. If you selected one of your property files in Step 2, you will see that file's documents on this page. You can use the check box to include documents from that property file in your DigiSign.

If you didn't select a property file, you can now upload your document(s). Click on Upload to browse documents on your computer, or drag and drop documents into the upload area. Once the document has finished uploading, you can apply a Template, or simply click on Next to move forward.



4. Next up is the Recipients page. You will use this page to add your signers and anyone you want to send a signed copy of the document to.

If you see your signers listed on the left side of the page, that information came from your property file. Check the box next to their name to add them as a signer.

To add new signers, click on New Recipient. Fill out the required information in that window, and then click on Save. Add another new recipient, if needed.

To change the order of your signers, click on Add Signer Group in the upper right corner. Then, drag & drop your signers into the desired order. 

Once all of the signers/recipients are listed on the right side of the page, click Next.




Unable to click Next and move forward? Make sure all of your signers and recipients have valid emails. Also, make sure you don't have any empty signer groups; click on the red X to remove any empty signer groups. Shown here:



5. Now it's time to prepare the document on the document tagging page. At the top of this page, there is a blue toolbar with all of the available fields:


Signature - add your signer's signature to the document

Initials - add your signer's initials to the document

Date Signed - add the date that the document is signed

Date & Time - add the date & time that the document is signed

Writable - add some text fields to the document that can be edited or filled out during the signing process

Read Only - add some text fields to the document that cannot be edited or filled out during the signing process

Full Name - add the signer's full name to the document

Checkbox - add a checkbox to the document


If you have more than one signer, you will have to alternate from Signer 1 to Signer 2 (and so on) as you go through the document. When you place a block on the document, you will see a question "Who signs here?" or "Who initials here?" Use that drop-down to change from Signer 1 to Signer 2 (and so on), like so:



6. Once you've placed all of your blocks for all of your signers, you can click on the blue Send button in the upper right corner. After clicking on Send, you can add a subject line and message for the email that your signers receive, and then click Send for Signature. Off it goes!




Unable to click Send? You might not have signature blocks assigned for all parties. Each person who is listed as a signer needs to have at least one block assigned to them. You may get this error message if you're missing signature blocks for one or more parties:




If you need to remove a signer, click on the Back button to go back to the Recipients page. (Don't worry, all of your work will be saved!) Back on the Recipients page, you can uncheck one of your signers on the left side of the page to remove them from signing. Then click on Next to go back to the document tagging page. 


And that's all it takes! Your signers will receive an email; they will click on Review & Sign to view the document and sign page-by-page. Once all parties have signed, a finalized copy of the all-signed PDF will arrive in your inbox!


If you have any other questions about sending documents through DigiSign, don't hesitate to contact our 24/7 Support Team! We are are available by phone at 800.507.4117, send an email over to support@skyslope.com or start live chat with us at support.skyslope.com! Happy SkySloping!

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