Admin - How to Archive an Already Closed Transaction

If you have a closed file that you want to get out of the way, moving it into the Archives is a piece of cake. Keep reading to learn how to archive a file that's already been closed.







1. From the home page, click on Manage Transactions. Then scroll to the bottom of the Manage Transactions page to find the Closed Transactions to be Archived section.



2. In this section, locate the closed file that you want to archive

Once you've located your file, you will notice that the line turns blue when your cursor hovers over it. Now, locate the action icons on the right side of the page. The button you want to click to archive the Transaction looks like a paper icon with a zipper. Click on that icon to archive the Transaction.



Now you can enter a note that will record on the Log of the file (optional), and then click on Submit.



And that will move your file to the Archives, which can be accessed from the home page!

What's the benefit to archiving a closed file? It's an easy way to keep closed and pending files separated, and only in the Archives can all of a file's documents be downloaded in one click! Take a look at this guide to learn how to download files from the Archives.

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