How to Use Google Chrome To Digitally Reprint PDFs

 This video explains how to use Google Chrome to quickly, and easily, digitally reprint PDFs so that they can be split in SkySlope.


  1. Open a new tab/window of Google Chrome browser
  2. Locate the document on your computer that you need to reprint/unsecure
  3. Single-click on the document and hold the click; holding the click, drag the document onto Google Chrome and drop the document by releasing your mouse click (this will open the document in Chrome)
  4. Now that the document is open in Chrome, click on the Print icon or right click and select Print
  5. This will open the printing information screen; here, you need to change the printer destination from the default to “Save as PDF”
  6. Click Save
  7. After a moment, you will see a pop-up asking you to confirm the document’s name and location; click Save again
  8. The document will be save as an unsecured PDF in your default downloads location, which is likely your downloads folder
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