SkySlope Development Release - May 2014

This month we are planning the following release.  We do not expect any downtime due to this release, and fully expect it to be implemented seamlessly. In this release we have implemented even more new features for the file reviewing process.

Download only checklist documents

Do you ever want to send only the final documents from your checklist to your client on a closed and archive file?  Per many requests, we have added the ability to choose whether or not you would like to download all the documents on the file, or only those attached to the checklist, when creating a .zip file in your archives. 

Team & Co-Listing Agent File Sharing

Often work in a team or with another co-listing agent?  We are adding the ability for multiple people to work on a single file in SkySlope.  When you add a “Co-Listing Agent” on a Listing, or a “Co-Buyer Agent” on a Transaction, it will automatically share the file with that user so everyone can work on the file simultaneously, without having to share a login.  

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