SkySlope Release Notes - Version 5.2.0


Release 5.2.0 is schedule for this Thursday 6/1. We are still listening to your feedback! We have made several adjustments to the look to improve visibility and reduce scrolling where ever possible. 

Here is what you can look forward to in this Thursday’s update:


  • Ability to make Year Built, Source, and Listing Commission and Sales Commission optional instead of required.
  • Reduce size of various headers to reduce page length and scrolling
  • Reduce spacing on the Split window so that you can see more rows without scrolling
  • Reduce spacing on the rows in the property pages to reduce scrolling
  • Darken the text across the system to improve readability
  • Progress spinners added when uploading documents to indicate waiting periods
  • Hyperlink on top of the DigiSign documents to allow quick access to the Certificate of Completion


  • Documents created via the Split & Assign feature were not properly recording in the log
  • Emails out of transactions were not recording in the log
  • Capitalization error on an error message for email already taken
  • Authentisign and Docusign documents are now properly displaying in the document preview window
  • Resolved error regarding splitting a document to an incorrect checklist item
  • Files were showing as needing review despite having no checklist items in ‘Pending’ status
  • Office docs can be deleted again
  • Long names in the Share Task feature were truncated in Firefox
  • Email editor has been reverted to it’s pre reskin form, resolving the issue where text would format improperly when received as an email
  • Resolved some date-picker issues
  • On the commission page, Amount has been changed back to Personal Deal
  • Contacts for buyers/sellers now match listings by sorting by oldest first
  • DigiSign certificate showing in the wrong place before signing was completed

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