SkySlope Release Notes - Version 5.1.0


We are excited to offer a new set of enhancements this week. The next scheduled release (5.1.0) is due Thursday evening, May 18th.

We have listened to your feedback and our the next wave of new look and other changes are incoming. There are more changes coming in addition to the below soon! Please see below, and keep sending your feedback our way so that we can continue to make your lives easier!

New Features and Fixes in this Release

  • We removed excess white spacing and padding around the comments box on Transaction and Listing checklists pages to reduce scrolling.
  • When User Prints Create Listing/Transaction Printed Document was including modals
  • Consistent default display order for all documents in Listings has been fixed so that documents will display in the same order by default.
  • On the Manage Stages page, the default value was failing to save.
  • The Email Log feature record was displaying the email used as "BCC," rather than the email used in the "To" field.
  • Clicking the “Cancel” button on Escrow Now Closed modal no longer returns users to the Manage Transactions page. Users now remain on the property file.
  • Escrow Number was not populating in the header when it is available in the Transaction.
  • Darken the background highlighting in the split modal to make it easier to see.
  • Typing in the date field was causing an issue with the date picker not formatting the date correctly
  • When tabbing through fields on the create page, the cursor was hiding behind the footer before the page scrolled up to show the field its in
  • When viewing the email log of a listing property, the header of the page shows transaction fields instead of listing fields.
  • We are now defaulting the task sort dropdown to “Newest”.
  • Upload document button was disappearing after some actions.
  • Long comments on the Log Page was negatively impacting display size
  • The Co-Agent was not saving correctly on Transactions and Listings pages.

New DigiSign Features

  • The ID on the top of each page of the DigiSign document is now a clickable link so allow you to more easily provide the signing certificate to your clients, MLS boards, and other third parties. Simply click the link and view the certificate, no additional emailing required.
  • Office Level Template Sharing! No more creating templates and resharing them with each new agent. Just select which office you want the template to be shared with and all users in that office will have access to that template. If you add a new agent, they automatically get the template too! 



iOS Update


We've updated our contact methods on iOS to Email & Phone for SkySlope Support

Updated 5/19/2017 2:00PM



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