SkySlope Release Notes - Version 5.0.0

Hold on to your yard signs folks, because we are about to rock your foundation with the most gorgeous remodel since the inception of SkySlope.

To start, we ripped out the shag carpet and replaced the plastic covered couches. Then we added a few skylights so you can see your way around better. And wouldn't ya know, while we were taking down the wallpaper, we found and patched over 20 holes (those dang bugs!).

We spent months poring over every detail to give SkySlope the modern look and feel that you deserve without changing the footprint. We hope you enjoy the new SkySlope as much as we enjoyed working on it. Read on to see a complete list of updates.

New Features in this Release

  • Full redesign of every single page of our application. We updated icons, text, font, buttons, fields, tables, modal, error messages, and even the login pages.
  • We simplified when we could and made sure everything was consistent across all pages.
  • Double click is dead! Every page that required a hand punishing double click, is now a single click. Your welcome.
  • We added inline action to our tables so you can manage properties faster with less scrolling.
  • We optimized our application to work better on mobile browsers. Using SkySlope poolside on your iPad is now a reality.
  • We went deep with customized branding. Your broker color is everywhere!
  • We updated language and grammar in so many places we lost count!
  • We added the ability to rotate documents from the property documents page. Let the rotating begin!
  • All those pop-ups and modals in DigiSign now show in our standard error message format.
  • We added Buyer, Seller, and Price to Transaction page headers and Seller and Price to Listings page headers.
  • Darkened writable and read-only text for improved readability in DigiSign.
  • Reduced some font sizes in DigiSign to be more consistent with the other font sizes available.
  • Other small touch-ups are waiting for your keen eyes.

Here are some of the other items we fixed

  • We fixed the page jumping in Listing and Transactions when drop downs were changed. 
  • We fixed the issue causing the page to jump when renaming a document in Listings and Transactions. 
  • Some documents attached to the checklist were failing to download when downloading "All Documents" from the archives.
  • Attaching a document via "Choose File" was not including that document in the outgoing email.
  • The Source dropdown was clearing data for CoAgent and Dates on the CreateTransaction page.
  • Purchase Price and Initial Deposit amounts were not formatting correctly.
  • The zipForm button layout was causing issues on mobile and narrow browser windows.
  • The Log was updated to ensure that every time a document was viewed the Log recorded it.
  • The Update Agent button was unresponsive for some users when the main agent on the account was a limited TC.
  • The transaction summary was not reflecting updates to contacts.
  • We fixed a Chrome browser issue that was showing a blank page when a user clicks the print button.
  • We fixed an issue that was showing duplicate names in the Co-Agent search dropdown.
  • Newly added items to the Checklist were being blocked by the Footer on long checklists.
  • Some users have received “email is already taken” error incorrectly.
  • The Search feature in Manage Offices was not working correctly.
  • We corrected grammar on multiple pages, modals, and popups.
  • Other miscellaneous Bug fixes and Optimizations.


Take a look around! We hope you love our new look. Can't see the new look? Try pressing Shift + F5, or contact our 24/7 Support team.

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  • Avatar
    Darlene Mason

    The print on the page is too faint. It is much lighter than any other page on any site I have open.

  • Avatar
    Dean Eshelman

    MOST requested feature that other systems have "drag and drop" of filles still not mentioned.. Desparately need. I can drop a file in 2 sec in DotLoop and Skyslope takes to minutes.

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