SkySlope Release Notes - 5.15.0

Hey SkySlopers,

Our next SkySlope Release, 5.15.0, is scheduled for Thursday, December 14th! Check out your release notes below to hear all about what we’ve executed.

We Crushed Defects

BREAKING NEWS: We are just that much closer to LoneWolf excellence

TC-based brokerages utilizing LoneWolf will thank you - they can now enter 100% commission splits on co-agents and referral agents instead of capping at 99%

Only up to 100% can be added into each respective commission field, so input errors are a thing of the past


We Made Rockstar Enhancements

STILL BREAKING NEWS: When you say Broker, I say Wolf

Ask and you shall receive - FLAT COMMISSION rates are now supported in the LoneWolf integration

Additionally, side is now designated for transactions that are both listing and sale type

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