SkySlope & DigiSign Release Notes - 5.13.0

Hey SkySlopers,

Time for another great release! Please look out for the updates on November 1st and 2nd of this week!

We Made a Cool Change, So You Should Know About it

  • DigiSign from the Update Agent email to get documents signed FAST! 
    • Now agents can click “Send via DigiSign” from the Update Agent email!
    • When clicking “Send via DigiSign” ALL incomplete items are selected from the checklist
    • Once signed, all documents will return to the Document section of the property selected

NOTE: You may have to login when clicking the link if you're aren't already logged in on your browser!


We Crushed a Defect

  • Cancelling files in Quick Audit was not updating the search in Manage Transactions and Manage Listings
  • Selecting a checklist type in Internet Explorer was showing disabled for multi office agents


Happy SkySloping!

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