SkySlope & DigiSign Release Notes - 5.13.0

Hey SkySlopers,

Time for another great release! Please look out for the updates on November 1st and 2nd of this week!

We Made a Cool Change, So You Should Know About it

  • DigiSign from the Update Agent email to get documents signed FAST! 
    • Now agents can click “Send via DigiSign” from the Update Agent email!
    • When clicking “Send via DigiSign” ALL incomplete items are selected from the checklist
    • Once signed, all documents will return to the Document section of the property selected

NOTE: You may have to login when clicking the link if you're aren't already logged in on your browser!


We Crushed a Defect

  • Cancelling files in Quick Audit was not updating the search in Manage Transactions and Manage Listings
  • Selecting a checklist type in Internet Explorer was showing disabled for multi office agents


Happy SkySloping!

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    Andrew Pruitt

    It would be nice and efficient if when the broker was reviewing the documents they could just sign without sending an sign request email through digisign. Incorporate digisign into Quick Audit please.

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