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What is DigiSign Mobile by SkySlope?

DSm is a mobile app for writing purchase offers, brought to you by the SkySlope team. Today, the only way for agents in California to prepare purchase offers is to go into ZipForm® Plus to initiate and then send to the buyers for signatures through their preferred signing platform. We have streamlined this experience to make it faster, easier and available on the go.


Who is it for and who can use it?

DSm is built for licensed real estate agents.

The app is available for download in the iOS and Google Play App Stores as of 12/18/17.

Only California agents will be able to write offers initially, but we will be adding more states over the course of 2018.

Can’t wait that long? Email us at offer@skyslope.com to find out if you can get early access through our Beta launch.


Do I have to be a SkySlope user to use DigiSign Mobile?

No, DigiSign Mobile will be available to all agents! There will however be some additional benefits for existing SkySlope customers (coming in 2018) like seamless integration between the two platforms.


How much will it cost to use DSm?

Right now we’re focused on building an awesome app that delivers a ton of value to agents and haven’t nailed the pricing down yet. Once we have some user feedback, we will be able to determine whether the app will have a cost for users.


Can I use DSm on a computer or only my phone?  

DigiSign Mobile is built for agents on the go. At this time, we don’t see a reason to build a version that works on your computer - but let us know if you disagree.


Who can I contact if I still have questions?

Email us at offer@skyslope.com, we’d be happy to hear from you.


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