SkySlope & DigiSign Release Notes - 5.11.0

Hey SkySlopers,

This week’s DigiSign Release, 5.11.0, is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4th. Next, the SkySlope Release, 5.11.0, is scheduled for Thursday, October 5th.


We Made a Cool Change, So You Should Know About it


  • Quick Audit is enabled for everyone for a limited time! Click Docs to Review to immediately try out this new tool to reduce your audit time by half!
  • Now when selecting a document from Working Docs, you can choose a property for those documents to return to automatically. One less step in the process, and one step closer to a complete transaction!
  • zipForm® Plus has been enhanced so we want as many of you as possible to take advantage of all it offers. When logging in, if you haven't already, we'll prompt you to enter your credentials to get started. 
  • DigiSign templates can now be shared on a brokerage level rather than just at office level. Share away, folks!


We Crushed a Defect

  • Templates can now be shared to all offices - specifically ones that don’t have agents yet.
  • Now, when changing the agent on a transaction or listing, it should save once the user confirms the update.



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