SkySlope Release Notes - 5.9.0

Hey SkySlopers,

Release 5.9.0 is scheduled for Thursday, September 7th [UPDATE: Released 9/8.] We have some MAJOR Quick Audit enhancements coming your way. Our goal is to make Quick Audit a one-stop-shop for your auditing needs. 


We Made a Cool Change, So You Should Know About it


  • QUICK AUDIT: You can now Cancel & Withdraw properties from Quick Audit.
  • QUICK AUDIT: You can now Close & Archive transactions from Quick Audit.
  • When all the fields are not required for a contact, you can now click NEXT to continue without saving a blank contact. 


We Crushed a Defect

  • Emails with suffixes more than 3 characters are now able to be used in SkySlope
  • Some documents in DigiSign were causing multiple signed emails to be sent (This will be released prior to 9/7)


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