SkySlope Release Notes - 5.7.0



On 8/10 SkySlope is releasing a new set of enhancements and fixes. Please check out the notes below and if you haven't already, hop on Quick Audit for a better file reviewing experience! It's currently in beta and we are looking for your feedback!



  • Broker ability to configure the requirement of listing documents being upload prior to accepting a contract.
  • Extended the length of time in which a SkySlope welcome email will expire to 7 days.
  • Closing a transaction no longer requires the date be between acceptance and closing.
  • Archived files no longer appear in Docs to Review to remove some of the clutter of old files



  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t alter a reminder date
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t add a task template


Quick Audit Updates

  • Added the Type of Sale to the details pane so you can adjust the checklist based on the side your agent represents
  • Added the ability to Zoom on the document (bottom right of the document window)
  • Added the ability to Unreject a document rejected by mistake or needing a status change
  • Added the ability to download an individual document from the document toolbar
  • Added the ability to remove a document from the checklist


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