SkySlope Release Notes - 5.6.0


Release 5.6.0 is scheduled for Thursday 7/27. We are excited to offer more defect resolutions and features!


  • Resolved the issue where creating a new user would result in a message “Email already exists” in cases where the user was deactivated
  • Searching for a cancelled listing no longer allows it to be converted to a transaction
  • Fixed an issue where listing information would sometimes be removed from the transaction
  • Resetting your password now allows the use of the Enter key
  • Tasks & Reminders without a day showing an incorrect date has been resolved.
  • Reminders now require a date in order to be created.
  • Addressed an issue with the address comma placement
  • Lender loan type was reverting back to Home Loan after changing it
  • Adjusted some matching on address to ensure that directionals are placed properly
  • Accepting a task now removes the clock icon appropriately in the Task Hub
  • For some brokerages, the count of Incomplete Transactions was showing 0 on the Manage Transactions page
  • The “Trust, company, or Other Entity” checkbox is no longer requiring email address when selected
  • MLS # is now properly required when attempting to continue without it entered
  • Clicking an empty property row on a page lead to an error page and now is not clickable
  • The data returned from zipForms is now being used properly instead of the Google address


Quick Audit Updates

  • Listing Documents are no longer reordering incorrectly
  • Limited TC’s are now included in the Update Agent email
  • The message in Update Agent is now properly removing from one file to another


Happy SkySloping!

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