SkySlope Release Notes - Version 5.5.0


Release 5.5.0 is scheduled for Thursday 7/13 at 10PM. Below is what you can look forward to.


Field Configuration!

Want to reduce some of the required fields in SkySlope for your brokerage? Talk to your wonderful Account Manager to learn more! We would love to hear your feedback. 


  • “User email already exists” error part 1. There were 2 issues that caused this message to appear, and one of them is being resolved in this release and the other in progress for next release.
  • Agent document views were not recording in the log.
  • Deleting tasks when closing or cancelling a property were not stopping the reminders from sending.
  • Update Agent alternate email ID on listings was not displaying and sending
  • Single office brokerages Create Agent was not redirecting them back to Manage Agents


Happy SkySloping!

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    Beau Watkins

    What do I do with this error message? I am an agent with First Team Real Estate, Orange County CA. I got the following error message: Error ID: 3ca37452-35df-4709-84a4-49920ffb28d1 or 714-501-9311

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