SkySlope Release Notes - Version 5.4.0


The DigiSign portion of the release has been delayed with a release date TBD. We will update this post with the new release date! Thank you for your patience!


Release 5.4.0 items available 6/29 


Ability to include multiple attorneys on a transaction. 

  • You can now add up to 5 total attorneys on a transaction, just like sellers and buyers. This was to help out our East Coast users that have buyer and seller side attorneys.
  • The additional attorneys appear on the Transaction Summary as well as in the Master Data Feed.

zipForm matching improvement

We removed the matching on ‘City’ with zipForm data to improve matching capabilities for places where either a City or a Township may be used. This allows those properties to be retrieved and imported. 


  • Task reminders were still sending when the user checked the box in the Task section. Now they are correctly marked as ‘done’ and not sending the email.
  • Duplicate contacts in property files. A progress spinner has been added to prevent multiple accidental contacts when creating a property file.
  • Tasks imported into a property file will retain the order based on date and time instead of just date.


Release Items Date TBD

DigiSign Checkboxes have been enhanced! 

  • Slightly reduced the size of the checkbox, allowing it to be more aligned with the checkboxes on contracts and disclosures.
  • When moving a checkbox it becomes transparent, allowing it to be more easily placed on the document.
  • The checkbox now stays within the box when signing on a mobile device
  • Improved the location of the stamped checkbox once the document is signed.

  • Documents retrieved from zipForm and sent to Digisign wouldn’t always have their full document name included.


Happy SkySloping!

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